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Please note: Postcode Atlas has been retired and is no longer for sale. 

If any company is interested making a reasonable offer for the source code and would like to take the product forward then please get in touch.

Postcode Atlas for Apple iPad is for recording, organising and analysing data relating to Postcodes. This powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) includes the complete, award winning, XYZ Digital Map Company Postcode Area, District and Sector map series for the United Kingdom, the equivalent of 30 A0 size maps sheets all conveniently stored on your iPad.

Zoom and browse the seamless map of the United Kingdom and Isle of Man, search for specific Postcode regions and view the delivery data associated with them. Enter your own data, such as monthly sales figures, create custom territories, such as the area covered by a particular salesman, and produce thematic maps, for example a map showing sales per household in each sales area coloured from highest to lowest.

Gain new insights into how your business performs and streamline your operations by using Postcode Atlas.